SEVEN NOTES is a professional and renowned music school that offers high quality music education. This talent development center is for those who wish to learn the art of music and master music through quality training programs.We develop the creative ability to perform and to enjoy music. Our center offers superior quality education in Western Instruments like Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Saxophone, Flute, Recorder, Vocals and Music Theory.

Our faculties are professionally trained musicians and educators who care about our student's success and their passion for music. We pride ourselves in our ability to nurture the talents of children and adults.The lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each student regardless of age, skill or experience level.

Students are prepared for school competition, college competition, open competition.

Music Grade exams by the reputed Trinity College, ABRSM, Rock & Pop and LCM.


Our mission is to create opportunity for people who have the passion in music and explore their music interest.

(1) LEARN : Every student will learn the fundamentals they need, to play their instrument proficiently. Note reading, musicality, and technique are all important steps in mastering an instrument and are included in our music program.

(2) PLAY : It is our goal that every student has the ability to play their instrument with ease whether just for fun or in a performance. Music can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies or careers, so we ensure all students play at the level they desire to reach.

(3) SHARE : One of the best benefits for students learning how to play an instrument proficiently is the ability to share their talent and love for music with others. Our music program encourages students to play for other peers, friends, and family members during their learning process.


Our style of teaching is designed for students to enjoy their music education experience. At the same time, we encourage and expect our students to practice and perform well and to take their training seriously while enjoying the learning process.


Our students are children to adults showing an interest in music.

(1) Students who are serious and stick with a music education to the point where they will be equipped to play to the performance level.

(2) Students who have passion towards music and have interest to learn music as a hobby.


We value your resources and your time and interest in learning the art of music, so we will ensure our students experiences growth through our music program.