Piano classes are based on the classical approach to music teaching. Our piano program covers Technique, proficient note reading, and musicality are the playing fundamentals that are taught to our students. We use a variety of methods to do this including scales, technical exercises, etudes, as well as classical repertoire. Music theory and ear-training are also helpful tools to help students better understand their music. We teach theory and ear-training, through the use of theory workbooks, to all ages and encourage students to take a standardized theory test every year. During the program students will play wide range of classical music and favorite songs of student's choice. Students have great fun playing along with the backing tracks.

Our students are prepared for various competition and Music Grade exams by the reputed colleges likeTrinity College, ABRSM, Rock & Pop and LCM

  1. Five Finger Patterns
  2. Basic understanding music notation like Clef, Note values, Rests, Ties, Time Signatures, Key Signatures and more
  3. Basic Major Scales & Basic Minor Scales
  4. Basic Chords for each Key
  5. Arpeggios from various scale degrees in all 12 keys
  6. Primer Level Technique Books
  7. Primer Level Method Books
  8. Elementary Classical Pieces
  9. Primer level Music Theory
  10. Songs and Pieces of Choice
  1. Understanding and interpret of Groupings, Flags, Beams, Slurs, repeats, DC,DS, Coda, Chord symbols, Grace notes, Glissandos and more
  2. 1-2 Octave Scales
  3. Chords with Octave Root in LH
  4. Seventh Chords and Inversions (Maj7, Maj6, min7, min6, Dom7, min7flat5, etc...)
  5. Modes from Major Scale and Minor Scale
  6. Intermediate Level Technique Books
  7. Intermediate Level Method Books
  8. 1-3 Classical Pieces slandered
  9. Intermediate level Music Theory
  10. Songs and Pieces of Choice
  1. 4 Octave Scales on the 3rd and 6th
  2. Chord Progressions for each Key
  3. Triads in Open voicing
  4. Advanced Arpeggios
  5. Chords and Inversions include Maj7, min7, Dom7, maj7, 9ths, 11ths, 13s, etc...
  6. Advance Level Technique Books
  7. Advance Level Method Books
  8. Advanced Classical Repertoire
  9. Pieces of Choice
  10. Music Composition - Level 1