Guitar classes with an experienced teacher will give you the ease learning technique, we will take care of the development of hearing and artistic level. During lessons, a beginner will learn the proper sitting position and positioning of hands, which will allow enjoying making music without physical discomfort. Our program is designed to demonstrate their musical ability thorough the knowledge of the instrument.

During the program students will play wide range of classical music and favorite songs of student's choice. Students have great fun playing along with the backing tracks.

Our students are prepared for various competition and Music Grade exams by the reputed colleges like Trinity College, ABRSM, Rock & Pop and LCM


History, Characteristics, and Parts of the Guitar
Positioning of the Instrument and Hands
Tuning the Guitar
Right Hand Techniques
Actions of the Left Hand; First (I) Position
Music Notation (Duration of Notes, Meter; Time Signature, Rests, Chords, Dot; Tie, Compound Meters, Scales)
Primer Level Technique Books
Primer Level Method Books
Performance of Scales and Chords
Reprise / Repeat
Five and Six Note Chords
II and III Position
Syncopation Staccato; Legato
Primer level Music Theory
Songs and Pieces of Choice
Ways of Shifting Between Positions
IV and V Position
Grace Notes
Natural Harmonics
Trill Scales with Intervals
Intermediate Level Technique Books
Intermediate Level Method Books
1-3 Classical Pieces slandered
Intermediate level Music Theory
Songs and Pieces of Choice
VII and VIII Position
Tremolo | Pizzicato | Rasgueado | Artificial Harmonics
Advance Level Technique Books
Advance Level Method Books
Advanced Classical Repertoire
Pieces of Choice